Friday, June 6, 2014

Treating Sore Throat Pain Naturally With Tomato Fruit


        In this post I will share my experience of how to treat a sore throat naturally. Hopefully this post can be useful for us. Sore throat is disturbing activity. The cause of sore throat can vary - wide. One of them could be due to bacterial infection of the throat and this condition causes throat irritation, inflammation, cough, hoarseness, itching and pain on swallowing.

        Before using this method I was using drugs purchased from pharmacies to treat a sore throat. Once I know strep throat can be cured naturally. I then switched to the natural way, ie using tomatoes. Fruits are accessible and low cost of this is really very efficacious as a cure sore throat naturally. How it that can make tomatoes is can cure a sore throat...? Perhaps this is because one of the high content of vitamin C in tomatoes and antioxidant content in tomatoes that can make the sore throat pain can be cured.
In my experience, how to cure sore throat with tomatoes is as follows:
  1. Choose tomatoes that are still yellowish red. Tomatoes effective work to cure strep throat is sore tomatoes still have a yellow tint to his skin. It's up ... it feels a little tamarind-sour and how so in the throat. But I think a more effective cure strep throat sore when compared with the tomato fruit skin color red all.
  2. Amount tomatoes we consume is 6 plum tomatoes (2 eaten morning, 2 eaten during the day, 2 night or eaten as needed).
  3. Way can be made to consume juice mixed with honey or eaten directly without made juice. I would rather be eaten directly without the juice and made without the use of honey.
  4. If the tomatoes we eat directly without us for the juice, after we ate tomatoes in my experience, we should not immediately drink water. Let the content of tomatoes that came out when we consume sticks to the throat of our work, so that the sore throat could heal faster.
         This is my experience to treat a sore throat naturally. Hopefully it is useful for us all.


  1. tomatoes does provide many benefits, in addition to anti-inflammatory, tomatoes are also good for the health of the skin and eyes .. thank you very much for your article, very useful ..

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I write only based on the experience I was having. Tomato is a fruit that has many uses as mentioned by sister Ana.